Facial Acupuncture

Acupuncture Face Lift

Your face is a reflection of your health.

I hesitated long before learning this wonderful technique for facial enhancement. What sold me was that the face is a reflection of our inner health. There is a special branch of Chinese Medicine that diagnoses by reading the face. As health improves the face changes and vice-versa.

As we age the muscles get tired, and the skin over top starts to drop along with the muscle. This technique stimulates the muscle to contract and pull the skin with it. The results are often amazing. This technique works for the neck and the face. Necks are areas that are typically very stubborn, particularly for the “turkey wattle” that we’re prone to as we age.

The treatment itself is a little different than a regular acupuncture treatment. The general health is assessed as well as the condition of the aging face. Needles are placed in the arms, legs, etc. as with a regular treatment. The change with this treatment is with the needles placed in the face and neck. Needles in the face and neck are special needles that glide more easily for your comfort. Sometimes gold and silver needles are used.

Most people, depending on age and health, need about 10 to 15 treatments; count on 20 or more if you’re a smoker.

Many people notice a change even with the first treatment.

Acupuncture facials reduces lines, wrinkles and sagging and give a nice glow to the complexion.